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   To see a Map of Sectional Leadership click Here. 


 NETWORK Leadership Team

     ·Dr Duane P. Durst, Superintendent
     ·Bill N. Kirk, Assistant Superintendent
     ·Robert D Reeves, Secretary/Treasurer


Executive Presbyters

     ·Duane P. Durst
     ·Bill N. Kirk
     ·Robert D Reeves
     ·Jerry W. Terry, General Presbyter
     ·Gregg Johnson, Eastern Region
     ·Douglas DeMent, Central Region
     ·Haniff Bacchus, Metro Region East
     ·Stanley J. Handzlik, Jr., Western Region
John Cummings, Metro Region West
Claude Valdes - Under 40 Rep
Christopher Delmadge - Ethnic Rep
Marlene Glickert - Female Rep


General Presbyters

     ·Duane P. Durst
     ·Bill N. Kirk
     ·Jerry W. Terry


NETWORK Presbyters

     ·David Mazzella, Capital
     ·Dan Williams, Central
     ·Thomas Zahradnik, Hudson Valley
     ·Siegfried Manntai, Lakeshore
     ·Anthony Pelella, Long Island
     ·James Williams, Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester
     ·Cecil Moonsam, Brooklyn/Staten Island
     ·Dom Cotignola, Queens
     ·William Malone, North Central
     ·Paul Keehr, Northeast
     ·David Quigley, South Central
     ·John M White, Southern Tier
     ·Daniel Schmidt, Western
     David Hertweck

Superintendent Emeritus

     ·Almon M. Bartholomew


Honorary Presbyters

     ·Almon M. Bartholomew
     ·Frederick Francisco
     ·Clayton Glickert                                                                                                 
     ·Sidney Griffith
     ·Lawrence R. Larson
     ·Samlall Ramphal
     ·Daniel T. Raught
     ·James A. Raynor
     ·Donald A. Richardson
     ·Michael J. San Soucie
     ·John J. Sperrazza
     ·Jerry Stewart
     ·Raymond A. Sullivan
     ·Stanley A. Thurber
     ·Harry J. Tripp

NETWORK Department & Program Directors

     ·Benevolences:  Duane P. Durst
     ·Discipleship/Children's Ministries: Sharon Baldwin
     ·Finance Committee:  Robert D Reeves
     ·Girls Ministries: Lisa Durant
     ·Men's Ministries/Light for the Lost: Lawrence Frank
     ·MM Assistant Director:  Richard S. Catapano    
     ·Royal Rangers: Steve Monez      
     ·NY Crisis Response:  Donald R. Snyder
     ·Women's Ministries Director:  Linda Morrison
     ·WM Assistant Director: Shanon Schmidt
     ·Home Missions:  David Nuzzolo
     ·World Missions:  Duane P. Durst 
     ·Intercultural Ministries:  Paul Kraus

     ·Youth:  David Hertweck
     • Chi Alpha:  David Hertweck
     Media Ministry:  Nathan Frank
Ministry Wives Fellowship:  Sharon Frank
     ·Widows:  Beverly Durst
     ·NYDSOMRandy Anson